#266 “You Don’t Belong”- Defeating Doubt and Living with Purpose with Heath Eslinger

Fear, Anxiety, Performance.

Heath Eslinger is a dynamic leader and communicator who has been changing lives for over two decades. His passion for individuals and organizations to simply evaluate their circumstances and do things “a better way” has become contagious. His experience as a successful Division I wrestling coach has given him a training ground to see what it really takes to get an organization to believe in a system, buy into a philosophy, and perform at a high level. This experience, coupled with a passionate ability to communicate, makes him a speaker that listeners love to hear.

In athletics specifically, Heath realized as a coach that many athletes, parents, coaches, and organizations were missing out on the true joy of the journey. Society has become so consumed with an immediate outcome that we have lost sight of the life lessons our journey teaches. “A Better Way” was developed to help parents, coaches, athletes, teams, and organizations get the most out of their journey by focusing on developing intrinsic qualities that will last a lifetime and carry you through some of life’s most difficult times.

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