Let’s start with you.

You’ve set goals and maybe even set records. You’ve definitely failed and at some point found yourself questioning if you were on the right track.

You work hard, but you aren’t quite where you want to be. And to be honest, you’re not sure exactly where you want to be let alone how to get there.

You need time to figure out what comes next, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Or maybe you don’t even have a framework to figure out what the right goals are for you.

As a result, you lack consistency. You lack focus. You lack clarity.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

My name is Jim Harshaw Jr.

I’m a TEDx Speaker, performance coach, former Division I All-American wrestler, and former Division I head coach. At age 26, I found myself as the youngest Division I head coach in the country. 

And I have spent my life surrounded by elite performers— Olympians, CEOs, and millionaires. They’ve all struggled and failed on their way to success. Just like you.

Every success story includes crushing failure, doubt, and uncertainty. Yes, even Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Phil Knight, Elon Musk…  the list goes on.

On March 20, 1998, my sixteenth year of wrestling ended in a locker room with blood on my face and tears in my eyes. I’d just lost the match to become an NCAA Division I All-American.

I’d failed. Again.

In fact, I’d failed at achieving all of my biggest goals up to this point.

A year later, I found myself as a success… on the podium in front of 14,000 fans being recognized as one of the top 8 in the country at what I did. I was an All-American.

It wasn’t until 15 years later, though, that I realized the power of the lessons I’d learned as an athlete.  

I’d had a failed business, a failing marriage, debt up to my eyeballs, and I was in the worst shape of my life.

After a period of turning inward and looking for answers, I realized that the blueprint for clarity, focus, consistency, and success had already been revealed to me in my years as an athlete. 

I tested the blueprint on myself. And everything changed.

  • I fixed my marriage.
  • I ran a half-marathon.
  • I gave a TEDx Talk. 
  • And I tripled my income. 

I’ve since honed the system, and given it a name — Reveal Your Path

I’ve taught this system to retired Olympians, professional athletes, neurosurgeons, MBAs, educators, entrepreneurs, doctors, and leaders.

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