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Jim is personal performance and executive life coach who helps people create the systems, habits, and routines of elite performers through his unique program called Reveal Your Path. @jimharshaw

Who is Jim, and why does he want to help you succeed?

Jim is an educator by trade and an executive life coach by passion. As a former Division I All American wrestler and Olympic Hopeful, he has been an elite performer.

He's also failed, been broke, out of shape, and out of balance with his family. He knows what it feels like to lack clarity, focus and consistency. He knows what it feels like to do 100 things in a day at 100 miles per hour and still get nothing accomplished.

He's since learned how to recreate the clarify, focus, and consistency of an elite athlete into his life and the live's of his clients.

And he can help you do the same.

"I look forward to helping you get clear on what’s next, create the gameday mindset of an elite athlete and achieve your goals like I have with hundreds of others."

Jim Harshaw Jr

There are two types of successful people.

There are those who are successful and unhappy. They live an unbalanced life with broken relationships, poor health, and no clear understanding of what’s important to them other than money. They drive a luxury car and wear expensive clothes but inside they’re hollow.

No, thank you.

And there are those who are successful and truly fulfilled. They drive the same luxury car and also wear expensive clothes but they have their relationships in order, prioritize their health and have a clear understanding of what’s important to them in addition to money.

The guy whose Prada necktie feels like a noose? He chased after a STEREOTYPE of success—not what he actually wanted in life.

The guy who makes tons of money AND loves his life? He built his foundation and custom blueprint FIRST.

So who do you want to be? Are you willing to consider a personal performance coach or executive life coach like world-class performers do?

Here’s why you’ll succeed with the Reveal Your Path Performance Coaching System

Core Values

Elite performers know what to say “no” to because they know what to say “yes” to. They know their core values. You will work with a personal performance coach and executive life coach to do the work to discover your core values instead of just picking words that sound nice off of a list.

Aligned Goals

There's no time left to underperform. When you align your goals with your core values then failure, obstacles, and adversity become irrelevant and consistency becomes your trademark. Working with a personal performance coach and executive life coach will increase your clarity, focus, productivity, and confidence.

Environment of Excellence

Environment of Excellence

With a personal performance coach and executive life coach you will learn how to control the influences, both internal and external, that impact your ability to succeed. Elite performers pay close attention to the people they spend time with, the media they consume, and the words they say to themselves. So should you.

Follow Through

No longer will you drift off track. No longer will you set goals and excitedly pursue them for just a few weeks before drifting back to status quo. With a personal performance coach and executive life coach you will accountability and a system for keeping your goals top of mind and consistently executing them every single day.

"Recently, I completed the program and can honestly say it totally changed the direction of my life.
I would pay double what I did to be where I am today."

- Eric Albright

"We all need an unreasonable person in our lives who holds us to a standard higher than we believe we can attain."

~Jim Harshaw Jr
Personal Performance Coach, Executive Life Coach

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Here’s what my personal performance coaching and executive life coaching clients have to say

What is Personal Performance Coaching?

You know that world-class athletes have coaches but what about the rest of us? Top performers from Bill Gates to Metallica to Hugh Jackman have worked with personal performance coaches. Why not you?

If you feel like you’re being pulled toward the average and that mediocrity scares the hell out of you, then you’re a candidate for performance coaching.

First, what is personal performance coaching and what does a personal performance coach do?

A performance coach will help you identify what the right next steps are for you. He will help you identify what the right goals are for you and create a plan to achieve them.

Personal performance coaching starts with discovering what’s important to you, creating goals that align with what’s important to you, and executing the plan.

Interested? Click here for a free personal performance coaching call now. 

What is Executive Life Coaching?

Executive life coach in Charlottesville Jim Harshaw Jr

Are you a leader? Do you find yourself without peers who can be an honest sounding board for you? Peers who can help you think through the unique challenges that leaders face every day?

Executives face unique challenges. It’s lonely at the top and unless you’re working with an executive life coach, you will find yourself working hard but not always most effectively. You may find yourself second-guessing your decisions. Or you may find that you don’t see circumstances objectively. This is where an executive life coach comes in.

Top leaders from Fortune 500 companies work regularly with executive life coaches so that they can perform at their peak. While business success is a focus, personal performance, relationships, health, and balance are critical areas of work for peak performance.

Executive life coaches help leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs identify the habits, routines, goals, and objectives that will help them lead successfully while maintaining strong relationships at home and being mindful of health and wellness.

Interested? Click here for a free one-time executive life coaching call now. 

What’s the Difference Between an Executive Coach and a Life Coach?

What do you hope to achieve? Where do you feel like you’re lacking and need to put in just that extra bit of effort into making yourself better? The kind of answers you give to these questions will offer a clear insight into whether you want the guidance of a life coach or you need to partner with an executive coach.

Do you want to improve your professional life through working in a positive manner? Are you trying to look deeper inward to see what beliefs you’ve always held on to that aren’t serving you now? Are you getting ready to take that next step in your career and you’re trying to figure out the best process? If your answer to these questions is, “Yes”, then you need to take an executive or corporate life coach.

What does a Life Coach Do?

Trying to redefine what success means to you? Or are you trying to plot the ideal course and direction for your dreams? Do you want to start enjoying what you do with each day or are you simply trying to figure out what to do with each new day? A life coach guides you toward the answers to these questions, helping you take on and overcome challenges in your personal life. The Jim Harshaw Jr. team of life coaches in Charlottesville works with you hand in hand to find a better way of living.

How Much Does an Executive Life Coach Cost?

The cost of an executive life coach will often vary depending on various factors.

There is a vast range of pricing in that you may be charged either on a per session basis, per month basis or depending on level and duration of the engagement. Click here to find a time to talk with Jim Harshaw, Jr. about the cost of an executive life coach.

Is Getting an Online Business Coach Expensive?

Arguably the most vital determinant of what you pay for online business coaching sessions is what you need or, in simpler terms, the reason for which you decided to seek out the guidance of an online business coach.

As your business grows from one stage into another, what is demanded of you will often change as well. Being able to discern these changes and how to meet new challenges is what helps your business experience true progress and growth. Click here to find a time to talk with Jim Harshaw, Jr. about the cost of an online business coach. 

Why Get a Life Coach?

If you find it challenging to follow through to the end with your goals, realize you hold beliefs that pull you backwards, you can’t find a clear vision for yourself or you can’t seem to shake the constant stress and anxiety of life, it’s time you reached out to Jim Harshaw Jr. life and business coach for men.

There is more to you than you know. Everyone possesses amazing latent abilities. All you need to bring these potentials rushing to the surface is a little clarity, consistency, and encouragement from the right source. Click here to schedule a free clarity call with Jim Harshaw, Jr. 

Why Hire a Business Coach?

No matter what position your business is in right now, it can get better. A business coach can help you harness the potential of your business and propel you to even greater heights.

A successful business needs someone who isn’t scared of correcting you, constantly encourages you to broaden your horizons and gives you the tools and resources to make your ideas a reality.  Through the Jim Harshaw Jr. online business coaching sessions, you can acquire secrets to help your business make even more money. Click here to schedule a free clarity call with Jim Harshaw, Jr. 

Picking the Right Life Coach for You

The truth behind how to be significant, the secret to being the best husband and father you can be, how to maximize your potential is all inside of you.

If you want it all, you don’t just need a life coach; you need the right life coach. Fit is important and not every life coach is the right fit for every person.

You need a life coach whose story resonates with you, a life coach who listens to your thoughts with their ears and resonates it with their hearts. You need someone who’ll look beyond the things you want and help you discover what you need. The right life coach is your loudest support and critic, helps you see your worth so you can grow.

With years of experience and testimonials, you’ll find that Jim Harshaw, Jr. has proven to be a great fit for men looking to maximize their potential in life. To see if he’s the right fit for you, click here to schedule your free clarity call now.

What to Look for in a Business Coach

Among the many qualities you should seek out in a business coach are experience, a willingness to share everything with you and a disposition that fits your personality. Additionally, your chosen business coach must be a recognized expert with experience, testimonials, and references. They must be people who are recognized for their knowledge, wisdom, and insights.

Other vital aspects to look for are a love for teaching and a personality that holds you accountable for your every action and inaction.

As one of the very best business coaches in operation today, Jim Harshaw Jr. espouses everything a genuine business coach should be. To see if he’s the right fit for you, click here to schedule your free clarity call now.