Real talk on harnessing your athletic drive for clarity, focus, and consistency in business and life.

Clarity. Focus. Consistency. Hallmarks of championship athletes. And hallmarks of the most successful men in business and life.

How can you claim those traits in your life now?

You want to make lots of money, have a great marriage, and be a dedicated father while crushing fitness goals along the way, but maybe you feel like you’re always shortchanging at least one area.

Or maybe you feel like you want to be more consistent. More focused.

Maybe you just need a clear vision for what your future looks like— a clear goal to pursue.

Jim Harshaw is an NCAA Division I All American wrestler and former Division I head coach. And he’s an executive performance coach who will help you create the plan to unlock your potential.

He coaches motivated men to gain clarityfocus, and consistency in business and life using a unique framework inspired by world-class performers so that they can lead meaningful lives of purpose and impact. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to turn failure into SUCCESS
  • How to be RESILIENT in the face of adversity
  • Creating SELF-BELIEF
  • How to be more PRODUCTIVE and FOCUSED
  • How to set meaningful GOALS
  • How to be more CONSISTENT
  • How to find work-life BALANCE

“Success for the Athletic-Minded Man” is a podcast dedicated to the driven, professional, athletic-minded man in the pursuit of excellence. Each episode dives into success habits for men who balance the rigors of professional development with the challenges of excelling in their personal life. Our conversations explore how men can apply the principles of peak performance in sports to everyday life.

Listen as he discusses strategies for mastering goal setting, consistency, work-life balance, and health. We dissect high-performance habits of athletes as they relate to helping men achieve clarity, focus, and consistency.

Through interviews with elite athletes and coaches as well as thought leaders, we unpack athletic life lessons tailored to you, the athletic-minded man. “Success for the Athletic-Minded Man” is not just a podcast—it’s a resource for any man eager to thrive in business and life.

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