#208 The “Magic Questions” That Lead to Clarity, Focus, and Breakthrough

Jim Harshaw Jr shares secret questions that lead to breakthroughThe magic question that cuts to the chase. (23:19)

Sometimes we get busy and that’s all it is. Just busy work. We go 100 mph and get 100 things done but at the end of the day we feel like we’re in the same place that we started. Ever felt like that? Ever wish you had a sledgehammer that would break through the busyness so that you could see what you really need to be doing?

Me too.

One night while at dinner with clients, one shared a question that did exactly that. It was like this tool that you could use that would help you cut through the BS and get to the real work that would make all of the things on your to-do list either easier or obsolete. This “magic question” will help you do the same. If you’re looking for clarity and focus in a distracted world, try this magic question out and experience the results immediately.

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