#207 Shedding Cultural Assumptions About Success: The False Dichotomy that’s Holding You Back

Jim Harshaw interviews Solo Gratitude“And” not “or” (19:25)

We are raised with an “or” mindset. You can be a firefighter or an astronaut. A doctor or a lawyer. A football player or a baseball player. However, this mindset doesn’t serve you well when incorporated into your psyche. You begin to agree with the cultural assumptions that you can be either a successful businessman or a good father but not both. That you can either be in shape or work long hours, but not both. These are simply false dichotomies that we accept without thinking about the real possibilities. In this episode, I give you examples of people living by the “And” mindset. Popularized by the landmark book “Built to Last,” I explore the opposing philosophies of “the tyranny of the or” and “the genius of the and” that Jim Collins and Jerry Porras discovered when researching visionary companies. This episode will open your eye to the ability to lead your life with a whole new perspective.

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