#452 From Commanding Troops to Conquering Thoughts: How Military Legend Gregg Martin Tackled Mental Warfare

Two-star General Gregg Martin (Success for the Athletic-Minded Man podcast episode 452: From Commanding Troops to Conquering Thoughts: How Military Legend Gregg Martin Tackled Mental Warfare)From commanding troops to commanding his own mind: Retired General Gregg Martin takes us through his journey of battling the highs and lows of bipolar disorder.

Think you know what “mental toughness” means? This two–star general’s story will flip your definition upside down.

With a career etched in bravery, leading troops through combat and shouldering the weight of command, retired two-star general Gregg Martin embodies the epitome of strength. 

But beneath this is his silent struggles, the unseen battles that unfold within the corridors of the mind.

Gregg Martin, PhD, is a retired major general and a 36-year Army combat veteran with a remarkable career. He commanded an engineer company, battalion, and the 130th Engineer Brigade in combat, and held prestigious roles such as the president of the National Defense University, commander of Ft. Leonard Wood, and commandant of the Army War College. 

In this powerful conversation on the “Success for the Athletic-Minded Man” podcast, I had the honor of sitting down with Gregg to delve deep into his remarkable journey of resilience and personal battle with bipolar disorder.

Listen as he highlights the importance of recognizing mental health challenges early on and seeking the necessary support. His candid sharing of experiences, from high-level military command to navigating the complexities of mental illness, offers invaluable insights into the human spirit’s capacity for growth and adaptation.

Gregg’s story serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing that with the right mindset, support system, and strategies, one can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Join us as we unravel the layers of resilience, uncovering actionable strategies for cultivating mental wellness and embracing life’s journey with courage and determination. 

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