IMPORTANT: Success Through Failure

success podcastIn the fall of 2014, I gave a TED Talk titled “Why I Teach My Children to Fail.”

Instantly, I had people asking me to speak to their company, organization or team. “Failure” was the topic that resonated most. When I launched the podcast last year, I had intended on failure being a part of my message but I’ve come to realize that failure IS my message.

We all experience it. It hurts. It leads to a lowering your goals, settling for less and letting go of your dreams. My mission is to help you normalize failure and use it to boost you to greater levels of success like it has for the great ones… Michael Jordan, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs . You, my audience, has told me that you enjoy learning not only the stories and habits of successful people but also how they were able to fail and still find success.  

Because of this, I am changing the name of the podcast from Wrestling with Success to Success Through Failure.

The name change will more clearly define to those who come across the show that the core message is failure. It will also alleviate any confusion that this show is about wrestling. While in many ways, I define my identity as a wrestler, this show is much bigger than that.

The guests will remain primarily former athletes because I believe the athlete’s experience provides a powerful context from which to view the value of failure. The format of the show will be mostly unchanged too.

I hope you like the evolution of the show and will share this with your social circles so that we can help others turn their eyes up after failure and use it as a stepping stone on their path to success.