#370 Implicit Bias: How Our Brain Unconsciously Leads Us Astray and What To Do About It
Morehouse College professor and Social Psychologist, Dr. Bryant Marks (Success Through Failure episode 370: Implicit Bias: How Our Brain Works and What To Do About It)

In the Reveal Your Path coaching program, there’s a concept we call the “Environment of Excellence.” These are the people, messages, and mindsets that influence us— the very same factors that shape our “Implicit Biases.” 

So much of what we talk about here on Success Through Failure is about mindset— unlocking the power of our mind, revealing limiting beliefs, and the unconscious wiring that often controls us and our actions.  

Oftentimes we fail because we tell ourselves a story that we’re not good enough, or not smart enough, or not capable enough— or maybe others tell us that story… Maybe it’s through their body language, their facial expressions, how they talk to us, or maybe even what we see in the media. 

This is all part of the messaging that we receive from our environment that shapes our unconscious beliefs about ourselves and others.

Social Psychologist and Morehouse College professor, Dr. Bryant Marks, joins us in this episode to reveal the hidden secrets that are stored inside of our minds: about who we are, who others are, and the resulting unconscious actions that we take without even knowing it.

I want you to listen to this interview with the goal of better understanding your unconscious, automatic mind, and the actions you take that affect both you and others that influence our society today. Tune in now!

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