#79 Diamond Dallas Page: An Unlikely Journey to the Professional Wrestling World Title

Diamond Dallas Page (Success Through Failure episode 79: Diamond Dallas Page: An Unlikely Journey to the Professional Wrestling World Title)Today I bring you Diamond Dallas Page.

Yes, I am a competitive wrestler interviewing a semi-retired professional wrestler. When I came across what Dallas is doing now, I was absolutely blown away. But before we get to that, let me introduce him to those who don’t know who he is. In addition to his two-decade professional wrestling career, Dallas is an actor, motivational speaker and fitness instructor. He broke into the wrestling world as a business manager in 1988 before signing with WCW, where he went on to become a 3x World Champion. And notice I said semi-retired… he’s been in the ring as recently as 2015 so he’s still at it. That brings me to my next point, Dallas credits his ability to still wrestle to the workout program he developed which he calls DDP Yoga. He originally developed DDP YOGA for athletes like himself who had suffered years of injuries due to high impact sports. He tried yoga for the first time after rupturing two disks in his back during the height of his career. He began mixing in traditional sports therapy and eventually developed DDP Yoga. He’s had clients lose hundred of pounds, overcome debilitating injuries and reclaim their lives. More than anything, I’m excited for you to hear his story and some of the stories of the people whose lives he’s transformed.

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