#193 How To Overcome Complacency: 6 Tactics For Getting Yourself To Do What You Know You Should

Jim Harshaw Jr. discusses how to overcome complacencyHow to overcome complacency (22:09)

Over and over again, I hear it. I get on the phone with my prospects and clients and they tell me what’s holding them back. They tell me they know there’s more potential in them. They tell me they know they’re leaving too much on the table. They tell me the time is running out and there’s no time left to underperform. They tell me they want to commit. They want to make a change. They want to slay the beast.

What is the beast? The beast that is stealing your success. Stealing your potential. Robbing you of the life you know you can live?

Complacency comes from being comfortable.
Complacency comes from being surrounded by mediocrity.
Complacency comes from fear.

Today, we discuss how to crush complacency.

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