#150 How to Say No Without Offending Or Losing Out On Opportunities

An Episode on Saying ‘Yes’ to the Right Things.An Episode on Saying “Yes” to the Right Things.(19:03)

Saying “no” is hard. Especially when you want to maximize your life and take advantage of every opportunity. Or if you’re a people pleaser, like me. Saying “yes” is easy but, little do we know in that moment that we’re inherently saying “no” to something else. Your time and energy are limited so you need to spend them on your highest value tasks. If it’s at work, saying “yes” to one project means saying “no” to another task that you’d be putting that same time and energy into. If it’s in your personal life, saying “yes” may mean saying “no” to working out or spending time with your family.

In this episode, I share how to say “no” and, more importantly, how to determine what do say “no” to so you know what to say “yes” to.

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