#127 From Dead On Arrival To Championship Athlete: Living For A Purpose with Dave Nelson

Jim Harshaw interviews Jason Fitzgerald of StrengthRunning.comFrom dead on arrival to championship athlete.

Today I bring you Dave Nelson. In 2005, Dave was stabbed in the heart by a stranger. He arrived at the hospital dead only to be revived 7-minutes later. This was 2-months before heading into his senior year at Lafayette College, where he was captain of the football team.

When he woke up, he knew he had to move forward. Football and his teammates gave him a purpose and solidified his vision for healing. Dave and his team went on to win the Patriot League Championship that year. He is the recipient of the Eastern College Athletic Conference Award of Valor, and the first recipient of the Lafayette College David Nelson Award of Valor.

Dave has an amazing story that we’re going to dive deeper into here.

After Lafayette College, Dave has completed postgraduate education at Harvard Business School and is a Certified Life Coach. All of these chapters have led Dave to come at mindset and motivation with experience, not just knowledge, and through this deep exploration of mindset and human motivation, he brings the work he has done with people far and wide – in helping them create an authentic journey and mission in their lives or organizations. He has seen his work translate into authentic personal, professional and organizational success for people across the world.

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