Jim has been a mentor of mine since very early in my career. His expertise lies in the ability to view things from an entirely unique perspective, offering ideas and feedback that aren’t just different, but highly effective.
Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman
UFC Veteran
Logan Davis
Logan was a college coach at a small college in VA. He was looking to figure out his next step in his career. He’s since been promoted to associate athletics director and travels the country as a leadership coach and workshop facilitator. 
Dr. Mark McLaughlin
Mark is a nationally renowned neurosurgeon and was for an edge to improve his productivity and focus. Mark has since published a book, launched a non-profit, and cut his work hours by 20%. 
John Lyons
John is a senior engineer in PA. He was traveling to China regularly and that put a huge strain on his marriage and family. Within 6 months, he changed jobs and is now earning more money, working less, and making a greater impact in his work and community. 
David Pulcini
David is a financial advisor in NY. He was looking to improve his productivity and consistency so that he could both grow his business and spend more time with his family. He’s since purchased his dream home, spending more time with family, and grown his business by 50%. 
Kurt Fowler
Kurt is a C-suite executive of an international technology company. He was looking to maximize his work output while finding balance in his personal life. He’s now leading the charge as his company grows its footprint and reach into new countries around the globe. 
Chaun Powell
Chaun was a leader at a national company but knew he needed to make a change. In less than a year, he was hired as the CEO of a new company and is finding new energy and fulfillment in his work as well as balance at home. 

More Testimonials

Eric, a father of 4 in PA, was stuck in a dead end job and knew he had more potential. He knew he was leaving too much on the table. He wanted to earn more money and make an impact but didn’t know how.

Eric is now an entrepreneur and is making more money and living with more fulfillment than ever before. 

“Recently, I completed the program and can honestly say it totally changed the direction of my life. I would pay double what I did to be where I am today.”

Eric Albright


Jerry, a father of 4 in ND, was leading a church. It’s lonely at the top and he knew he needed a coach to help him make the tough decisions both professionally and personally.

Jerry has since nearly doubled his income and started a business with his dream business partner.  

“Since joining Reveal Your Path, we have paid off over $280,000 in debt, started a business, landed a huge promotion, are building our dream home, earning $90,000 more per year, and giving away more than 15% of our income a month! Reveal Your Path is the reason I am living my best life today!”

Jerry Stravia

Pastor, Business Owner

Neal is a father and former athlete. He was looking to find clarity in what the right goals are for him and consistency in execution of the habits necessary to achieve his goals.

After completing the program he became the Executive Director of a non-profit that aligns with his mission in life.

I’m shattering the goals I’ve set for myself already. I feel pretty much unstoppable. Every aspect of my life has been affected positively.”

Neal Ewers

Executive Director, Beat the Streets Toronto

Matt is a former NCAA Division I college athlete from VA. He is a father and was partner in a successful business but knew something wasn’t right. He wanted a change but didn’t know where to start.

Matt has since struck out on his own, started his own company, and is living the life he always knew was possible.

“This has been life-changing. And it happened fast. It was almost instantaneous that things started to click.”

Matt Thomas


Frank, an actor in Richmond, VA, was looking for a clear plan to maximize his potential. He knew he was operating at less than his full potential and he knew it was time to level up but he wasn’t sure how. 

Frank has since landed new, exciting roles, become a group fitness instructor and is living his best life. 

“My only regret is that I didn’t do this 20 years ago.”

Frank Creasy

Actor, Fitness Trainer

Isaac, a former NCAA All American athlete, father, and entrepreneur, had found success but was struggling to keep it all in balance. He knew he needed a proven framework to maximize his potential in every area of his life.

Isaac has found balance while being able to grow his business to five locations, spend more time with his family, and is training top UFC fighters in wrestling and jiu-jitsu. 

“I love this version of myself the most and I’ll do anything to keep this going.”

Dr. Isaac Greeley

Entrepreneur, Chiropractor, MMA Coach

Patrick worked for a major media company but was unfulfilled. He knew he needed a change but didn’t know what that change would look like.

Together, we set a goal to help him find a new job within 90 days. He’s now in a leadership role of an international company. 

“I’m firing on all cylinders. I’m connecting with my wife. My diet is on point. I have more energy. I feel 100% more confident. This is only the beginning.I have the support of this team and a whole new framework for how I live life. This is only the beginning.”

Patrick Hogan

Operations Leader

Jared was a high school athletic director at a critical point in his career. He has multiple paths to choose from but didn’t know which was the right choice for him and his family. 

After finding the clarity and confidence in the right path, he’s become school principal and turned around one of the lowest performing schools in NY. He’s now an educational consultant and energized and excited about his new career. 

“There’s no comparison in terms of the money spent to the value received.”

Jared Kahmar

Principal, Educational Consultant

Alex, a former Division I athlete living in Boston, had found success early in his professional career but he knew that there was more to life. He wanted to find purpose while having a clear path to personal and professional success.

Alex found a framework to identify the right goals and pursue a career he loves. He left his job, found fulfillment in a new company and received two promotions all in just 2 years. 

“I’m realizing the magnitude of the impact of this program on my life. THIS is the formula! THIS is what it takes to be better.”

Alex Uhre

Sales Manager

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