Webinar: How to Raise Money through Marketing?

What do you need to reach your goals? Administrative support? Community awareness? Participation? Money? Of course you do. Your situation is common and there is an uncommon solution. When programs need money, too often they turn to selling cookies, coupon books or candles; none of which create a sustainable source of revenue or fans. Build a community of followers around your program and you will have a dependable source of income and support on which you can rely to help you achieve your goals. Jim Harshaw, the founder of Riot Sports Marketing, will share three techniques that you can implement immediately to begin raising serious cash while increasing administrative support, community awareness, and participation. Sign-up for this free webinar at riotsportsmarketing.com to be held Tuesday, November 9 at 9 PM EST. Build sustainable revenue. Make your job easier. Get what you need to succeed. Riot Sports Marketing helps programs communicate with fans, alumni, and supporters to help them get more of what they need- fans, support, and money- through the building, and maintaining multiple channels of communication.

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