#275 The Underground Movement That’s Transforming Men Across America: F3 Founder Dave “Dredd” Redding

Changing men’s lives

Dredd podcast interview F3 LogoHow do you get your business or organization to catch on? How do you get people to step up, show up early, stay late, volunteer, and give beyond what’s expected? You’ll learn exactly that in this interview with David Redding.

In 2011, David and his friend Tim Whitmire co-founded F3, which stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. F3 is always free, always outside, open to all men, peer-led, and always ends in a “circle of trust.” The organization has spread across the country and is an underground movement that is changing lives and impacting communities everywhere.

Here’s how F3 is best described… Every morning before the sun comes up, on school and church campuses, in public parks and parking lots, thousands of men gather to work out under the banner of F3 Nation. The workouts are simple—no gimmicks, trends, or fancy gear—and participants take turns leading. No one pays a dollar, yet every man involved will tell you that F3 keeps him in the best shape of his adult life. In Freed To Lead, F3 co-founders Dredd and OBT tell the story of how F3 began on New Year’s Day 2011 at a Charlotte,

#275 The Underground Movement That's Transforming Men Across America: F3 Founder Dave "Dredd" Redding

N.C., middle school, and how its dramatic growth showed they had launched something more than just a workout group. Through anecdote and metaphor, they show how F3’s Three Fs—Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith—cure the “Sad Clown Syndrome” that plagues too many men and offer a solution to our society’s leadership vacuum.

Dave Redding (F3 Dredd) grew up in Connecticut and attended Boston University where he was a part of the ROTC program. After that, he served 9 years in the army, about half of that in special forces. He then attended Wake Forest Law School.

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