Meet The Team


Helping others, just like you,
get REAL results.

Jim Harshaw Jr.

Jim is an NCAA Division I All-American wrestler, former NCAA Division I head coach, internationally recognized TEDx speaker, personal performance coach, and host of the Success Through Failure podcast. He has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives across the world by helping clients and audiences increase resilience, maximize potential, and build high-performing teams. His clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders from Fortune 500 companies as well as current and former athletes from the NFL, UFC, NCAA, and Olympics.

Dr. Tom Perrin

Tom combines high-level coaching, psychology, and consulting background to support clients in reaching individual, team, and organizational goals in business, sport, and personal settings. With a Ph.D. in sports psychology from the University of Virginia and an MEd and BA from the University of Vermont, Tom’s education, experience, and leadership skills have allowed him to work successfully with a broad range of organizations in manufacturing, health care, financial services, higher education, and construction.

Logan Davis

Do you feel like you could be more? More productive. More focused. More self-aware. Logan has spent the past ten years coaching teams and individuals on how to ignite real change, discover their potential, and gain momentum to become who they want to be.

Who do you want to become?

Logan has been married for 16 years, has five children, and lives in Lexington, VA. He has lived overseas, coached National Champion Teams and Corporate Vice Presidents, and worked to stay on the path for over five years. He is your guy if you want to talk about wrestling, disc golf, or Star Trek.

Cody Smith

Cody set a goal to move out of York, PA, and to live in a house with vaulted ceilings overlooking the water. Today, he is doing precisely that in Naples, FL, with his wife and two daughters. Cody is a successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, and certified Reveal Your Path coach. At one point in his life, none of this seemed possible– he lost his mother at age 11 and was even homeless. Today, Cody has a proven track record of overcoming obstacles and creating success for himself and his clients. The catalyst was creating a big vision for his life and meticulously tracking his goals along the way. When he implemented the Reveal Your Path framework, he finally realized his most significant goals. His philosophy is that “Consistent small steps eventually turn into big revolutionary leaps.”

Dan Mocci

For the last 19 years, Dan Mocci has built and scaled businesses in the construction and insurance industries generating over $500 million dollars in revenue.

He has also provided individual and group coaching for thousands of executives, leaders, sales professionals, and small to mid-sized start-ups and established businesses.

A father of two girls, Dan studied at the University of Hartford (where he serves as an active board member) and the University of CT. He is a passionate Reveal Your Path Certified Coach —spreading the tenets of the program to individuals and businesses determined to level up their health, finances, relationships, and businesses/career.

Craig Fullen

In addition to coaching individuals in the Reveal Your Path process and providing advice as a business attorney, Craig works with athletes and teams who are looking to develop a mental edge, overcome fear and obstacles, become more resilient, and become the best versions of themselves. He has the Mental Performance Mastery certification from Brian Cain, one of the leading mental performance coaches in sports, and also is a certified workshop trainer for Positive Coaching Alliance. He graduated from The College of William & Mary and Rutgers Law School. Craig resides in Ohio with his wife, son, and daughter.

Jared Kahmar

Jared is a leading school administrator and education consultant that specializes in school transformation, high performance, and improvement. His leadership and results have garnered state recognition and allow him to coach and present his work to school leaders, districts, and at conferences throughout the country.

Currently a Principal and Athletic Director, he has also coached championship teams and individuals at all levels. Jared is a product of Reveal Your Path and will work with you to maximize your personal performance to be at your best in all areas for your family and the students and school you lead. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Laurie and their four children.