#434 A Step-by-Step Goal Setting System That Works: A 20 Minute Masterclass for Clarity and Consistency

A person writing his goals on a notebook (Success Through Failure podcast episode 434: A Step-by-Step Goal Setting System That Works: A 20 Minute Masterclass for Clarity and Consistency)Tired of the same old resolutions? Tune in as I unveil a step-by-step plan for your 2024 goals that’s anything but ordinary.

Do you wish you had a specific step-by-step framework to set goals for 2024? In the next 20 minutes, I’m going to outline for you a laser-focused strategy designed to help you create the right goals for you and a plan to achieve them.

Join me as I share the intricacies of goal-setting backed by real stories and proven habits. From defining your ideal day to uncovering core values, we’re breaking down the barriers that hinder your consistency, focus, and success. Make 2024 a year of growth, impact, and success through failure.

But it doesn’t stop there! I’m introducing a game-changing tool, accessible to you for FREE, that my Pathfinder clients swear by. It’s the missing link between setting goals and making them a reality.

This episode isn’t just a listening experience; it’s your ticket to a transformational journey. Are you ready to turn 2024 into your most successful year yet? Don’t miss out— tune in now and get ready to conquer the path to success!

If you don’t have time to listen to the entire episode or if you hear something that you like but don’t have time to write it down, be sure to grab your free copy of the Action Plan from this episode— as well as get access to action plans from EVERY episode— at JimHarshawJr.com/Action.

Download the Action Plan from This Episode Here

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