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Jim Harshaw Jr. is an NCAA Division I All-American wrestler, former NCAA Division I head coach, internationally recognized TEDx speaker, personal performance coach, and host of the Success Through Failure podcast. While he grew up the son of a construction worker and secretary, he had the unique experience of spending significant time with Olympians and millionaires, and he discovered their systems and frameworks for world-class performance. As president of The Harshaw Group, a performance coaching, and leadership development firm, he has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives across the world by helping clients and audiences increase resilience, maximize potential, and build high-performing teams. His clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders from Fortune 500 companies as well as current and former athletes from the NFL, UFC, NCAA, and Olympics.

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“Jim provided incredible insight and guidance to our leadership teams. He has my full endorsement.”
Joe De Sena
CEO, Spartan Race

“Jim’s talk to our community of successful CEOs was superb. Our attendees have heard plenty of top-notch speakers and Jim is among the best.”
Scot McRoberts
Virginia Council of CEOs

“I’ve received so much positive feedback! My team is asking when we’re going to have you again!”
William Farrell
President, Berglund Automotive Group

In these unusual times, finding resilience and perseverance is more important than ever. Jim’s talk was a home run for our team as we work hard to maintain a strong foundation and unified vision.
Jenn Long
Director, Riverrock Academy

“Just wanted to share that I have received universal positive feedback about your talk last week. The team found it to be breath of fresh air in a difficult time and thanked me for ‘thinking outside the box!’”
Larry Chadwick

“Jim Harshaw was a fabulous guest for the Batten School’s first-ever virtual Batten Hour. He shared extremely valuable insights and practical suggestions with our students about maintaining resilience during challenging and uncertain times.”
Ian H. Solomon
Dean, Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
University of Virginia

Keynote Topics

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Failure and the Blueprint for Success

Is failure a regular part of your work? Is the fear of failure holding your organization back?

This talk is designed for organizations and individuals who have recently dealt with failure or teams (e.g. sales teams) who experience failure on a day-to-day basis. While failure is painful, it is a powerful tool for growth and learning. With the right perspective AND the right strategies for learning from failure, your team will rise to the next level after this talk.

Resilience and Navigating Change

Have you recently faced a significant change in your industry or organization? Do you want your team members to embrace change and leverage it for growth instead of being knocked down?

This program will transform your organization’s mindset around change so that your team members face adversity, hardship, and change with confidence, clarity, and an unbreakable mindset. The result? Inspiration, transformation, and renewed strength that will impact your bottom line.

Peak Performance: Break Through Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Meaningful Goals

Does your team have more potential? Do you want your team members to understand the mindset, strategies, and tactics of world-class performers?

In this program, Jim shares powerful insight into the human mind and how it can either hold you back or be your secret weapon for success. Drawing on personal experiences as an Olympic Hopeful, leader, entrepreneur, and innovator, Jim will reveal a plan for your team members to achieve their personal best consistently and confidently.

Partial list of Speaking Events

  • Albemarle Leadership Academy
  • American Camping Association Conference
  • Business of Food Conference
  • Ducks Unlimited Annual Meeting
  • Georgia Dermatology Annual Conference
  • Maryland Athletic Directors Convention
  • National Wrestling Coaches Association Annual Convention
  • PA Prison Warden’s Association Annual Conference
  • Spartan Race Leadership Retreat
  • Special Olympics Virginia
  • University of Virginia Engineering School
  • University of Virginia Human Resources
  • University of Virginia Student-Athlete Excellence Awards
  • Virginia Council of CEOs Quarterly Meeting



“Failure is not an ending, it’s a beginning. It’s a building block for success.”

“We all need an unreasonable person in our lives who holds us to a higher standard than we believe we can achieve.”

“Nothing great was ever achieved by realistic thinking.”

“It’s never a matter of having the time. It’s a matter of priority. You’ll find the time if it’s a priority.”

“All success starts with knowing where you want to go.”

“You are the sum of the words you say and the content with which you fill your mind.”