Show Some Leg

I can get your schedule on your website. I can read the results in the paper. I can overhear that you made a new hire to your staff. But you need to tell me more… if you want me to join you, that is. Marketing a sports team is more than just putting out some schedule cards and getting the tv station to cover your “meet the team” event. Pull back the curtain and let me inside. When I know your struggles and your fears and your aces and your strengths then I’m an insider. When I’m an insider, I’m on your side. I’m pulling for you. The article below talks about how professional sports teams are using social media marketing to drive revenue, connect with their fans and show their personalities. A website is no longer enough. A static website has very little value unless you are luring eyeballs to it. There’s no better way to do that than through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogging and email marketing. Jim Harshaw Riot Marketing More fans. More media. More money. Less work.

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