#201 Relationships, Results, and Being Present: Building Meaningful Relationships for Professional and Personal Success

Jim Harshaw interviews with Frank SommaNLP demystified. (42:22)

Frank Somma is a sought-after motivational speaker, workshop leader, coach, and author. He is a certified practitioner of NLP, the communication science that made Tony Robbins famous. He has taught audiences in varied industries how to gain instant rapport, build great relationships and create customers for life. The focus is on helping people to be more engaging, persuasive, trustworthy, and professional.

As you’ll see in this interview, Frank’s energy is infectious and his techniques are quickly absorbed and immediately usable. As I always do with my interviews, Frank and I will talk about how to implement what he teaches whether you’re a salesperson, manager, entrepreneur, teacher, coach, parent, or just about anything else. After all, Frank and I both believe that we’re all selling something.

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