#15 Interview with Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea

In this 15th episode of Wrestling with Greatness host Jim Harshaw, a former Division I All American and Division I head wrestling coach, interviews Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea.

Honest Tea is a $100+ million company that rattled the cages of beverage industry giants by introducing a great tasting, low-calorie, organic and healthier option. While that sounds like something that makes sense in today’s market, when Seth launched the company in the 1990’s it was revolutionary. And trying to introduce something revolutionary into an industry as challenging as the beverage market required perseverance and resilience… the kind found in a wrestler.

Honest Tea has since become the nation’s best selling organic bottled tea, being sold in over 100,000 outlets. Seth co-wrote, along with his business partner, a NYT Best Selling book titled Mission in a Bottle.

I first learned that Seth was a wrestler when he wrote an article for Inc Magazine titled “The Secret to Becoming a Resilient Entrepreneur” during the Save Olympic Wrestling Movement. When I reached out to him for this interview, I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was an inspiring person willing to share his amazing story and offer valuable insights into success that change your life.

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Jim Harshaw Wrestling with Greatness Podcast for former wrestlers  Jim Harshaw Wrestling with Greatness Podcast for former wrestlers


Honest Tea Website: https://www.honesttea.com/

About Seth: https://www.honesttea.com/about-us/our-story/

Check out their NYT Best Selling book Mission in a Bottle