#335 How to Be Prepared for Anything: A Framework For Being Ready For The Ups and Downs of Life

A person crossing out the letters "U" and "N" in the word unprepared. (Success Through Failure episode 335: How to Be Prepared for Anything: A Framework For Being Ready For The Ups and Downs of Life)What if, seconds from now, you receive news that will forever alter your life? What would you do? How prepared are you?

How prepared are you for the ups and downs of life?

Are you prepared to navigate your family through a pandemic?
Through a tragedy?
Or something really challenging and tough?

In this episode, we’ll talk about what it means to be ready physically, mentally, and even spiritually for anything. By the end of the episode, you’ll have a framework to follow so that you’re more than ready to swing every time life throws you curveballs.

We’re not just talking about preparedness for a disaster or power outage, but it’s also about the broader sense for what life can throw at you— which might mean a fight with your spouse, rolling your ankle, or a global pandemic.

Ready, set… tune in now!

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