#263 How Matt Bradford Found His Purpose After Losing His Legs and Sight to an IED

No legs.

No vision.

No problem.

Would you have the guts to say this if you lost your legs?

On January 18, 2007, he was severely injured after stepping on an Improvised Explosive Device in Haditha Iraq. At that moment, his whole life was detoured. He learned the true meaning of overcoming, adapting, and success through failure.

Matt never let his injuries define who he was or what he could do. He sees every obstacle as a new challenge for him to overcome. Over the years, he has been inspired to share his story to motivate others through their own life challenges with his message of #JustWalk and #NoLegsNoVisionNoProblem.

I hope by the end of this interview, you find the courage to look at
Your challenges,
Your failures,
Your setbacks,
Your adversity,
… and have the mindset of no legs, no vision, no problem.

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