#257 How (and Why) to Give When You Have No Time or No Money To Give

Jim Harshaw Jr discusses Give When You Have Nothing to GiveGiving when you have nothing to give.

Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”
But how do you do that– especially if you don’t have anything to give. That’s exactly what I talk about in this episode.

We all want to give. Or at least we should. Sometimes we feel like, “how am I supposed to give? I’m just little old me. I can’t give a million dollars or start a foundation with profits from my business that will build orphanages in Africa.” Or maybe you can… I know some of my listeners and readers do have this kind of wealth. But maybe you’re too busy or you have other distractions stopping you.

So, we let it go. We forget about giving. We focus on ourselves. Our own self-preservation. Our bank account. Our family. Our job.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on those things.

But what if you could do both? What if actually focusing on others– what if finding a way to give– actually helps all of those other things?

It does. It’s a weird world that way. Or maybe not so weird. Maybe God intended it to be that way.

I’ve found that the more I care about others, the more opportunity I have. The more I serve others, the more I feel good. The more I lift others up, the more I get lifted up.

There’s a great quote by Booker T Washington that says, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” I’ve found this to be true over and over.

Sometimes when I do, it benefits my business and bank account. At the beginning of the whole coronavirus shutdown, I was starting to feel some real anxiety. I’d lost a ton of revenue overnight. Speaking engagements dried up. Two prospective clients pulled back in fear that they might be losing their jobs and didn’t want to invest in coaching at the time. I literally had a moment one morning as I was in the shower thinking about this when it hit me.

“How would I ask a client to deal with this?”

I’d ask them how they are uniquely qualified to serve. That led me to realizing that I can do virtual presentations for companies and organizations to help boost morale and share some peak performance tactics. That’s lead to a growth in my business when I have friends in the industry who are struggling or had to look for work elsewhere.

So, this mindset shift of, “how am I uniquely qualified to serve” led to business growth.

“Yeah, but Jim, you’re a coach and speaker… I’m not in your position.”

We all have an opportunity to serve! You are uniquely qualified! Your background, neighborhood, or experience… maybe you’ve experienced tragedy… you’re uniquely qualified to serve! We all have a purpose! We all have a unique talent! Nelson Mandela served from prison! “Yeah, but he’s Nelson Mandela….” Yes, but you’re YOU! NO ONE ELSE IS!”

Here’s something else to consider…

I’ve reached out to connect with friends many times over the past few years. When I have friends in need, I look for little ways to support them. I had a friend experience the tragic loss of a child a few years ago. With zero desire to gain anything, I started reaching out to him to help him deal with his new reality. He and I probably talked every few years prior to this. Now, I’m not a counselor or therapist but I knew I could just love him and serve him. A few years removed from that experience, I’ve noticed that he’s found ways to help me. His company has hired me. He’s helped me get an article published in his national industry magazine.

Surprisingly often, it leads to more business. Either they hire me or they recommend me to their boss or they refer me to a friend. It’s not the purpose of reaching out and serving and giving but it’s funny how good things happen. I think that’s how God intended the world to work.

Sometimes giving comes back and helps my family. I just got back from an amazing time at a ranch in Montana that’s owned by a friend of mine. It’s an amazing 5-star ranch. I’ve continued to nurture our friendship and relationship over the years. That led to an invitation to have an experience of a lifetime.

Serving by just connecting is only one way to give. I want to share with you several other ways that I promise will lift up not only others but you as well.

Now, let’s look at the flipside. I’ve often reached out to friends and acquaintances and don’t hear anything back. Nothing. Crickets. Or I hear back and we just have a conversation. And that’s awesome too. Or I give money or time to an organization and the benefit I get is that I feel philanthropic.

That’s all and that’s enough.

And other times, I feel like a failure because I’ve NOT reached out to people in need. I have the same excuses as you… usually “I’m too busy.” I get it. But the question is how can you serve right now. Forget the past. Who needs you today?

Let me be clear. There’s no guarantee that if you go out tomorrow and do some of the things I talk about here that you’ll get a job offer or a big contract or some lavish vacation offered to you. That’s not the point. That’s never the point.

And if you’re sitting there saying, “Well, I serve this person and I volunteer with that organization and I give money to these other people and what have they ever done for me? They owe me.”

Have you ever heard that song from Johnny Cash titled “Nobody?” You sound like that guy. Give it a listen. (Chorus at the :47 second mark).

So… let’s get to helping you build a fulfilling, philanthropic, giving life that’s full of the love and blessings that come from giving.

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