#427 Never Zero: Fittest Man on Earth Jason Khalipa on How to Unlock Your Full Potential

NCFIT Founder, Crossfit Games Champion Jason Khalipa (Success Through Failure podcast episode 427: Never Zero: Fittest Man on Earth Jason Khalipa on How to Unlock Your Full Potential)Being the Fittest Man on Earth is impressive, but surviving life’s stormiest seas is legendary.

Ever met someone who practically epitomizes success, only to find out they’ve also faced more failure than most? In this episode, I interview Jason Khalipa, a CrossFit world champion who parlayed his athletic success into a global business empire.

Jason shares the valuable life lessons he’s learned through the most challenging times, including his daughter’s battle with cancer. And you’ll be interested to hear why being a CrossFit world champion and being named the fittest man on earth was not his favorite CrossFit games… but rather the year he lost.

We also explore the power of the “Never Zero” mindset, a concept that has propelled Jason through his many roles— from CrossFit champion to devoted family man.

Jason is an example of someone who has faced tremendous adversity and has created success despite it all. You won’t have any excuses after this episode.

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