#431 Wired for More: Dr. Doug Brackmann’s Revelations on Nature, Nurture, and Success

Psychologist and "I am Driven Author Dr. Doug Brackmann (Success Through Failure episode 431: Wired for More: Dr. Doug Brackmann's Revelations on Nature, Nurture, and Success)Did you know that there are genetic gifts shared by leaders, entrepreneurs, Navy SEALs, and athletes?

Why is it that highly driven individuals, despite their accomplishments, sometimes feel held back by self-doubt? Dr. Doug Brackmann, with two PhDs in psychology, has dedicated his life to unraveling this mystery.

Join us in this episode of the Success Through Failure podcast as we explore the interplay between addiction, genetics, and the unique challenges faced by highly driven individuals, and how it manifests in various aspects of life.

In our conversation, Dr. Brackmann delves into mastering your physiology and mindset, unlocking states of flow, and breaking free from self-imposed limitations. So if you’ve ever felt the tension between your relentless drive and nagging self-doubt, this episode is a must-listen.

But make no mistake: this episode isn’t just for high achievers; it’s for anyone striving for success in their personal and professional life. So, whether you’re a podcast enthusiast, a book lover, or someone who’s just fascinated with conversations about performance, don’t miss out. Join the conversation and learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and tap into the extraordinary success that lies within you.

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