A Lesson from GM

GM (General Motors) has decided to rebrand for obvious reasons. They’ve taken an interesting angle of being forthright and honest. The type of honesty they show in the new commercial below is going to help make them more human and not seem the out-of-touch behemoth they had become. When creating content for your blog posts, email newsletters, fundraising letters etc we need to do the same. Be down-to-earth and real. Let your supporters know that you need them, rely on them, rely on their support both financial and otherwise.

Here’s to that.I celebrated New Years Eve with firdnes, beer pong, card games and netflix. We watched the ball drop live two hours after it really dropped and then decided to watch it again a couple times with the DVR while pretending the box was a little time machine.Today I sit here at work writing for my blog Eatgamer.com and I am proud to report I have done nothing work related all day.Cheers to 2011 and 2010 can eff off. Who likes that guy anyways?

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