#176 Finding Your Place in the World: From Rock Bottom to World Champion with J’den Cox

Jim Harshaw interviews J’den CoxRock bottom to top of the world. (49:23)

J’den Cox was a 3X NCAA Champion wrestler at the University of Missouri, a 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2017 World Bronze Medalist, has recently been crowned king of the world… 2018 World Champion.

I have many friends and acquaintances who have won world and Olympic medals who I could invite onto the show. It’s just the nature of having been deeply involved in the sport for three and a half decades. They’re world-class performers. I don’t invite most of them onto the podcast though. But J’den is different. His story isn’t your typical journey to the top of the world– if there is such a thing as a typical journey to the top of the world– but I know his story will resonate with you which is why I invited him to the podcast.

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