#162 How to Set, Revise, and Follow-Through on Goals Even When Life Gets Crazy: A Framework for Making Goals Work In The Real World

Jim Harshaw Jr explains a simple but powerful process for making goals stickStep-by-step system for goal execution. (31:15)

Everyone knows that you perform better when you set goals. But what do you do after you sit down and write out your goals? How do you make sure you actually follow through on them? Life is busy– you have work demands, family crisis (both real or imagined), cars break down, you get sick, your kids get sick, and you generally get curve balls thrown at you. What’s the process for maintaining consistency or even changing goals when your situation changes? I’m not talking about just setting the goals. I’m talking about remembering to do the things to make goals real in your life when the daily chaos ensues. How do you execute when life is swirling around you like a hurricane?

Here’s a step-by-step system for maintaining consistency and following through, even when life gets crazy.

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