• Social Media = Brochure?

    I was talking with the director of a large national organization recently. “We’re doing the social media thing,” he explained. “The challenge is keeping it up-to-date.” I will be working with him on a paradigm shift before we even begin to talk about strategy. Social media is not something that you have to keep up-to-date like a website or brochure. Social media is where you engage and where you offer value. What do I mean? Here are some examples: * Respond to questions posted on Facebook or Twitter: like a handshake or a handwritten note, these encounters go a long way * Ask questions of your followers and fans by soliciting feedback and crowdsourcing ideas: show them that they are valued * Post good content: respect their time * Offer discounts or specials for those in your community * Enjoy it. I’m mean really enjoy your community. Like a smile over the phone, it comes through.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”