• Your Team = Your Brand

    Without hesitation, you could probably name the mascot or team colors for your favorite team in any given sport. That is one sign of a loyal and devoted fan. This idea of branding and brand association is not exclusive to professional or college athletics. As the leader of your organization, you should also strive to create, nurture, and grow your own team’s “brand”. Here are 3 tips to follow that will help your brand management:

    1. Make sure your logo and team colors are clearly defined. Be sure that your fans can easily communicate their support with the clothes they wear, accessories they buy, etc.

    2. Display your colors EVERYWHERE! Be sure that your Twitter page has your logo and is in your color scheme. Make sure your Facebook fan page has your own logo uploaded and take it a step further by posting lots of pictures in the album of fans and athletes in team colors.

    3. Incentivize the promotion of your brand. Encourage your fans to show their team spirit by having a giveaway for the most creatively dressed fan, best fan video or whatever you think is a great way to show it off. Make it easy AND fun for the fans to demonstrate support. Excitement is contagious!

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