• You Want me to do What? A Top 10 List

    I want you to start a blog. Forget about the preconceived notions that you have about a blog being for political junkies, small businesses or sports marketing consultants that provide an awesome service. Blogs are for everyone nowadays. Granted, most are full of the kind of people who like to hear themselves talk. The good ones are written by people with something to say. And, if you have a vision for your sports team, club or athletics department, then you have something to say. And we, your fans, alumni, community and prospective supporters, want to listen. What would you post? 1. Your mission- this cannot be done in one post 2. Interviews with athletes, coaches, administrators, alumni, parents and members 3. Links to organizations that are like-minded 4. Links to articles and resources that your followers would want to see 5. History of your team or club 6. Outcomes you expect 7. Video 8. Your schedule 9. Personal musings 10. Fund raising messages See… it’s not hard. Brainstorm a bit here… what am I missing? Jim Harshaw Riot Marketing More fans. More media. More money. Less work.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”