• You Don’t have to Win

    You Don’t have to Win As I pack my bags for the NCAA Division I National Championships (the most electrifying event in all of the sports), I look forward to hearing the Oklahoma State, Iowa, Iowa State, Penn State, Lehigh and Cornell contingents roar for their warriors as they fight for supremacy on the mats.  These programs all have strong followings and good attendance at their home competitions.  Why?  Because they’re good.  Everyone loves a winner.  However, to have good attendance you don’t have to be a winner.  You just have to know how to get your fan base excited.
    Ohio University had a huge turnout for the Ohio U. vs. Kent State dual. Neither are in the top 10 the nation but they know how to rally their fan base.
    Just because you are not involved in the highest level of competition doesn’t mean that you can’t have a strong following and good attendance.  So stop using the excuse that you’re not good enough.  Good enough is good enough. So get marketing!

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