• (SUDDEN SUCCESS #2) How to Get the Edge in Any Situation

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    We are lured into believing that success comes to people by pure luck… good genes, a connected parent, being in the right place at the right time. It’s easier to believe that than to believe the truth– that it came from hard work and struggle. That it came after many, many failures and nights laying in bed riddled with self-doubt. We can all find reasons why the other guy had it made, had an easier path or had more luck. But we can also find reasons why we are the lucky ones. Whether you were born to a wealthy family or to a poor family, both can be seen as an advantage if you choose to see it as an advantage. You grew up wealthy so you had more opportunity and had more experiences. You grew up poor so you’re hungrier and aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty. You can see it as a factor in your favor or you can choose to see it as something holding you back.  It’s a choice.  There’s always a reason to believe that you have the edge. And there’s always a reason to believe that the other guy has the edge. It’s a choice. No matter what your background, experience level, prior success, up-bringing, education or stats, simply choosing to believe that you have the edge is the key.

    Get an edge by setting your goals and creating a system to follow through.Goal setting worksheet template