• Why Everyone is Wrong

    Everyone wants a website.  “You need a website,” everyone says.  “If you don’t have a website,” everyone says, “you’re non-existent.”

    “Everyone” is wrong.

    Web sites are cumbersome.  Even the simplest website is technically intimidating not to mention time-consuming to maintain.  Consider the fact that if I don’t set aside time to come to see it then I’ll never know what is on it!  If you don’t have a website already, spare yourself the headache. 

    The widely used but oft misused Facebook Fan Page is the solution for the organization with limited resources (both time and human):

    • They have more functionality than any traditional website (add photos, video, events, schedule, online donation button, discussion forum etc).
    • They are free and anyone with the minimal technical know-how can maintain one.
    • Anyone (even the aforementioned “everyone”) can view it with or without a Facebook account
    • Get a custom domain name (www.your-organization.com) for it

    Post an update on a traditional site and, like the proverbial tree in the woods, you can wonder if it actually makes a noise.  Post it on your Facebook Fan Page and all of your fans will see it, can share it and comment on it.

    Make life easier.  Ignore everyone.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”