• What Would It Take To Derail You From Your Dreams?

    What would it take to sink you?

    What would it take to destroy your psyche and create such self-doubt that you wouldn’t have the guts to show your face let alone start over with even bigger dreams?
    • What if you started an innovative, cutting-edge company that was on trajectory to change the world… and then you were fired for incompetence?
    • What if you had dreams of becoming great at your sport of choice… and then you were cut from the team?
    • What if you had dreams of being on television… and then you’re fired because you “don’t have the look for tv?”

    Most of us lower our goals and expectations of ourselves after only minor failures. All of the above instances actually happened to people whose names names you know.

    • Steve Jobs was fired from Apple.
    • Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.
    • Oprah Winfrey was fired from the television station.

    Failure to SuccessIn the end, all of the above succeeded. Not only did they succeed, they were quite possibly the best in the history of the world at what they did.

    What about you? You may not become the greatest of all time but isn’t it reasonable to believe that you CAN despite your failures? Maybe, just maybe, BECAUSE of them?

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