• What Spiderman can teach us….

    In practical terms what does that mean to you and I? Well, if you’re the coach then you hold the reins to your program- not just teaching the technical aspects of your sport but being the leader of your alumni, your fan base, your athletes, your parents. How do you lead them? You lead best by serving. A few weeks ago the pastor at my church talked about how the Roman soldiers used to be able to basically commandeer citizens to carry their heavy gear- sword, shield, etc. for one mile. During that mile, the soldier is in charge. At the end of that mile, he would take the gear back and continue on his way. What if the citizen said, “No, I will continue to carry your gear for another mile.” Who is in charge that second mile? Exactly. You become a leader by serving. Serve your people. Make it easy for them to be a fan. Create a Facebook page. Create a blog. Add video content to your page. Send press releases regularly to the media. Create fun and exciting events to bring them together. What’s that? You’re too busy already? Well, yes. I know. Coaching is more time consuming and difficult than anyone outside the profession will ever know (except the spouses). That’s why you need systems to grow. Just like any successful business. It’s not run by the seat of the owner’s pants. It’s run by systems. That’s why the Riot is so successful. It’s built on systems.

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