• What is Being Said About Your Favorite Team?

    Even if you have not, masses and masses of people have flocked to Twitter to communicate, share, connect and converse. Contrary to popular belief it’s not all posts about what people had for dinner or how they got poison ivy from wiping with the wrong leaves on last weekend’s camping trip.

    Here’s an example- I recently had an issue with an online printing company that I have used for a long time. They partnered with an outside company that somehow got my credit card information and made me a “subscriber”- to what, I don’t know. But I was paying for it. I was charged $14.95 seven times over the course of a few months for a total of almost $90! I tweeted my frustration and hoped to spread the word about my poor treatment. Smart social media users themselves, they found my tweet, replied to me and offered to help me not only cancel the subscription but get my money back! Pretty cool! Good customer service and smart brand protection. And now I love them again. And I tweeted that too.

    What are people saying about you? Your organization? Your favorite team, athlete or enemy?

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