• (SUDDEN SUCCESS #4) What Do You Suck at? (And how not to)

    I used to suck at public speaking.

    It just wasn’t my thing.

    Then it was.

    You see, I had decided that it was something I didn’t want to suck at. I’m pretty self-conscious and I’m an introvert (though most wouldn’t believe it) so public speaking was just something I wasn’t comfortable with. I would stumble over my words and I’d get nervous… Oh man, would I get nervous!

    When you were an athlete, you had things you sucked at too.

    Then, for some things, you didn’t. You got coaching. You practiced it more. You watched videos or studied others who didn’t suck at it.

    That’s what I did for my public speaking. I read a couple books. I listened to podcasts. I joined Toastmasters.

    When I heard on the radio that I could apply to speak one of the largest TEDx events in the world, I was prepared. After a long process, an audition and selection process, I was chosen to join an A list of experts on a big stage in front of 1,000+ people.

    While I still get really nervous, people now say…

    “Jim’s just good at public speaking.”

    That’s what they’ll say about you too. They’ll miss the fact that you worked at it and failed and struggled. That’s what happens when you get good at something.

    So, what do you suck at? What skill, if you didn’t suck at it, would most help you move toward achieving your goals?

    Don’t just read this email and think, “that’s nice… I should do that.” Actually DO IT!

    Take a step today. Just a small one to create momentum on your path to success.

    It could be:
    -Finding an online course you could take.
    -Asking a friend or mentor for advice.
    -Filling out this goal setting template.

    Email me. I’ll hold you accountable.

    But take one small step today.