• Tweets Around the World

    It wasn’t a Hollywood celebrity that broke the all-time record for numbers of Twitter posts written per second. In fact, despite some technical problems it was the FANS during the recent World Cup competition that brought on this recent super-surge in Twitter activity. Better than that, the records set by the World Cup Fans were SHATTERED immediately afterwards. Yep, you guessed it—more sports fans when the Lakers won the final game of the NBA playoffs. My point here is that Twitter is a powerful force for sports teams. Those global tweets led to more people participating in World Cup activities than ever before which included higher ticket sales, greater merchandise sales, and a never before seen global recognition. As one writer puts it so well: “Sports fan’s activity on Twitter over the last week proves that it is attracting a wider group of users, beyond the tech geeks that initially started using it.” (Clair Cain Miller, 6/18/10, “Sports Fans Break Records on Twitter”) So, if you aren’t using Twitter yet, now is definitely the time.

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