• Top 3 Most Powerful Ways to Market Your Program

    Top 3 Ways to Market Your Program and Raise More Money

    Tues, April 13 at 7 PM EST

    Charlottesville, VA – 3/26/10 – With budgets being slashed and programs being cut, strengthening his program is the most important thing a coach can do.  Riot Sports Marketing, a recognized leader in   marketing for Olympic sports programs, is presenting a free webinar on Tuesday, April 13 at 7pm EST. During this live webinar, Riot Chief Instigator Jim Harshaw will be teaching coaches how to work smarter, not harder and the top three ways to market their program to raise more money.

    Harshaw, a former Division I All-American in wrestling at UVA, feels that “it is time for coaches to take it upon themselves to strengthen their program. Funding will go to some sports while others suffer.  If coaches had a simple and efficient means of marketing their programs without taking up any more of their time, the result would be more media coverage, a stronger fan base, and a larger donor pool. Riot Sports Marketing teaches coaches how to market their programs with the most impact for the least amount of time and effort.”

    Coaches interested in joining this free 30-minute webinar can sign up at www.riotsportsmarketing.com.

    The Riot Sports Marketing system implements a “fundraising through fan-raising” system. Grow attendance, increase media coverage and maximize fundraising through marketing. More media. More fans. More money. Less work.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”