• Top 10 Excuses

    I’m a wrestler. I competed successfully from six years old through college with some international experience. I coach. I’ve coached at the high school and D1 levels. I have the wrestling mentality. “No excuses.” However, for some reason, there is a pervasive segment of the wrestling community that is missing the “no excuses” mentality when it comes to the success of our sport. I’m frustrated by the answers I get when I hear wrestling people talk about why wrestling isn’t more popular, is being dropped, isn’t on tv more, doesn’t have more participants, doesn’t get more media coverage, doesn’t have more attendance, doesn’t get more administrative support. They talk as if there is some inherent flaw in our sport that holds us back. They no longer hold themselves accountable as our great sport has taught us.

    WE are the reason why. I am the reason why. And we hold the keys to changing all of that. I have set out to make a difference. So have a select few others- including the clients of Riot Sports Marketing. You can too.

    Top 10 Excuses Invalidated 10. “Wrestling is too hard to understand” Try explaining football to my wife! 9. “Wrestler’s get burned out since so many do it year round” Every youth sport has this issue! You can play baseball, soccer and most other sports year-round too. 8. “Wrestling is not a ‘ball’ sport” Neither are NASCAR, MMA or boxing! 7 “Wrestling is not exciting enough.” And golf is? Don’t use the NCAA finals as an example- look at the Superbowl- quite often the most boring game of the season. 6 “Wrestling is not a team sport.” Yes, it is. Regardless, NASCAR, MMA, boxing are not team sports but have huge followings with lots of media coverage. 5 “Wrestling isn’t lifelong activity like tennis, golf and other sports.” Neither are football, NASCAR or MMA 4. “The media doesn’t care about wrestling at my school.” Have you tried? Do you send them “newsworthy” info not just a tourney promotion? Do you make it easy for them to follow your team? Your individuals? 3. “No one cares for wrestling because the same team wins every year.” What about the NBA-Bulls, NFL-Steelers, MLB-Yankees. 2. “Wrestling isn’t fan/tv friendly.” Wrestling has a commercial/bathroom break after every match. Dual meets are 2 hours long. Perfect for tv. 1. “I just don’t have time to market and promote my program.” No longer an excuse. Riot Sports Marketing is the solution. Become part of the solution.

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