• Title IX and Marketing

    I was reading Jason Bryant’s blog recently.  I’ll quote a quote from his blog here

    “The opening paragraph of Graham Watson’s story for ESPN.com says the following:

    When the NCAA’s annual Sports Participation Report is released in the fall, the association expects to report that more than 100 teams were dropped in the past year, bringing the two-year total of dropped teams since the economic crisis began in the winter of 2007 to more than 227 teams.

    Programs that have strong followings, community support, alumni support and respectable attendance (or are female- but that’s a topic for another forum), although they still are under threat,  tend to get dropped less.  It’s rare for a football or basketball program to get cut.  Or for any other strong program for that matter.  Strengthen your program now or face getting cut.  If the time comes that your program is cut, you’ll have much more ammunition and momentum with which to fight the good fight.

    Don’t think Title IX doesn’t affect high school programs… it has, it does, and it’s coming soon to a school near you.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”