• The Story Behind the Founding of Riot

    As an alumni of Seneca Valley High School (WPIAL), Jim Harshaw was coached by the legendary youth coach Tom Barron. Jim stayed very close with Coach Barron through his college years at the University of Virginia until his coach’s death just a couple years ago.  However, when SV hosted a memorial for Coach Barron prior to a SVHS dual meet Jim wasn’t there.  Neither were the hundreds of others who were touched by the beloved coach.  Why?  Because there was no mechanism for communicating with the SVHS wrestling community about this or any other event.  Further, he’s never been asked to donate money to his alma mater.  Jim realized that this was a problem not only for his school but for college and high school programs everywhere.  Out of his passion for wrestling and knowledge of marketing was born Riot Sports Marketing.  Riot helps programs strengthen their community resulting in higher attendance, increased media coverage, and sustainable fundraising. 
    Based on a return on investment model, Riot is cost-effective and does not burden the coaching staff with marketing tasks that are best left to an expert.

    More fans.  More media.  More money.  Less work.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”