• The Soundtrack of Success

    I watched a really great motivational video on Youtube recently.

    You should watch it (below). It’s riveting and inspiring. But when it turned it off, I was back in reality.

    The inspirational music was gone.

    It was just me and my thoughts… and the sound of a dog barking in the distance. I was standing at my kitchen counter making my lunch for the next day (leftover pot roast… if that doesn’t smell like success, I don’t know what does).

    This was the sound of success.

    When you’re sitting at your desk and all you hear is the hum of the fluorescent lighting and your inbox shows 50 unread messages, you have forty-five minutes until you have to pick up your kids and an urgent project half done project….. this, too, is the sound of success.

    Success doesn’t happen with people watching or inspirational music playing.

    It happens at 5 am.
    It happens in weight rooms on Sunday afternoons.
    It also happens right after lunch when you’re hitting the 2:00 wall.
    It happens when you feel a little under the weather.

    It happens where you are right now.

    And when you find the little nuggets of success in your day, no one will be around to ring the bell, cue the music or tell you “you’ve made it!”

    Success is a grind.
    It’s work.
    It’s done to the soundtrack of your heart.

    And it’s beautiful.

    Get to work!