• The Secret to Success (And 3 Examples)

    I recently watched the NFL Network’s “A Football Life” on Hall of Famer Kevin Greene. (I’m a Steelers fan so…)Kevin Greene A Football Life

    His high school coach was interviewed and said Kevin was the hardest working player that he ever coached.

    I read recently that Muhammad Ali’s coach had also bestowed the same compliment– hardest worker ever– on his student.

    Just last week, my alma mater, the University of Virginia, retired the number of elite basketball player (and NBA Rookie of the Year contender) Malcolm Brodgon. During the retirement ceremony, several of his teammates acknowledged the incredible number of hours he spent in the gym that nobody will ever know about. Another “hardest worker.”

    When I look at my own experience, I received UVA Wrestling’s Hardest Worker Award for my final three years. Not coincidentally, I was also the only wrestler to both become an All American and win three ACC Championships.

    There’s a theme here.

    It seems that outworking everybody else is the secret to success.

    No one said the work is glamorous.

    And you’re often alone.

    And it’s sometimes painful. Physically and mentally.

    In fact, Muhammad Ali said he hated every minute of training.

    I remember many, many days that I didn’t want to go to practice. (And I never wanted to carry that cursed 45 lb plate suspended over my head while running up the arena stairs! I’m looking at you Coach Reyes.).

    And failure will occur along the way.

    There will be setbacks, losses, adversity, bad calls, unfair bosses and a voice of doubt in your head questioning your abilities.

    It’s normal.

    Kevin Greene, Muhammad Ali and Malcolm Brogdon experienced them too so you’re in good company.

    So, what exactly is it that you desire?

    The world championship, like Muhammad Ali?
    Or to lose 20 lbs?
    Or make a $1 million?
    Or have a happy marriage?

    Whatever it is, be the hardest worker ever.


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