• The Secret to Having Self-belief (when yours is failing)

    It’s easy to believe in yourself when times are good.

     When things are going well and the sun is shining, when you are healthy and fit, your bank account is full, your relationships are good and all is right in the world.
    The positive vibe is flowing and the confidence is high.

    But what about when things are going wrong?

    When hope looks bleak and you can barely pull yourself off the floor. It’s hard to believe in  yourself in these dark times. But anyone who has ever achieved something worthwhile has been there.
    We’ve all had self-doubt. And by “all” I mean “all people.” That includes Olympic gold medalists, millionaires, rock superstars… everyone. So your self-doubt is normal.
    What’s not normal is that most successful people choose to control the voice in How to set goals and whytheir head that is on auto play. The voice that is either building them up and pushing them forward or pulling them down.
    Sometimes it feels unrealistic to think that we’re going to be successful when were in the midst of failure and struggle.

    Nothing great was ever achieved with realistic thinking.

    So what exactly is it that you have to do to achieve what otherwise seems impossible?

    Here are three things that the most successful people on the planet do…

    1. Speak it aloud that you will be successful: Sure, it sounds weird coming out of your mouth the first time. Try it. Actually say the words aloud…….(this is me waiting)…………. but do it three times. The second time you will be little more comfortable with it. The third time you say it you will begin to be convinced that it is, after all, possible. This is one of the most commonly used means of achieving success. We hear about it more often in sports but it’s also commonplace in business, health, wealth building and relationships. Try this. Right now. Repeat this twice a day for seven days.
    2. Don’t just remember your greatest accomplishment. Remember the pain, struggle and failure that ultimately helped you succeed. Your next accomplishment is no different. It will require pain and struggle and failure just like any other great achievement by any other amazing person. This is part of the process, part of the grind of success. It’s not pretty. It’s not glamorous. But it is worthwhile.
    3. Go back to your documented goals. (Haven’t documented them? Use this simple and effective worksheet.) Every good goal has a “why.” The “why” in why you want to achieve something is far more powerful than the “how.” When we get stuck because we fail or struggle we look for tools or tactics for finding a way out. We look for a “how” when we should be looking for a “why.” If you’re doing this for big enough reasons then you’re “why” will create the persistence, the requisite self-belief and the creative energy for achieving big things.
    Follow these steps and self belief will grow. Even just telling yourself that your self-belief is growing creates the power of positivity for changing your life.

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