• The Open Mat: New Thinking for the Oldest Sport

    You’d think it was me writing this but it’s not!  These guys are after my own heart.  The more I talk about Riot the more I realize that what we’re doing has touched a nerve.

    Enough planning.  Enough bitching.  Let’s do something!

    These guys did.

    From Theopenmat.com

    “Amateur Wrestling has suffered from a lack of exposure in the main stream media. Much of this is due to poor marketing of the sport and a lack of high quality resources. The success of former wrestlers in MMA and the rapid popularity growth of MMA presents the perfect opportunity for amateur wrestling to expand its current market reach.”

    Pay them a visit.   Add them to your bookmarks.  It should be a daily stop on your wrestling media travels.

    “Looking for more resources for finding success for your program?”