• The Most Hated Man in Wrestling (or The Business of Wrestling)

    The most hated man in wrestling spends a lot of money.  There are plenty of wrestling people who bitch about getting his marketing materials constantly but… his vendors love him.  They depend on him.  The more he buys from them the more they love him… and the more they love wrestling.  They become fans of wrestling… or at least the business of wrestling… and have a vested interest in seeing the sport thrive.  This man buys paper for brochures.  He spends money on postage, on email marketing services and on graphics design.  He buys lots of hotel rooms and so do his clients.  He rents cars, pays for vendor booths and creates a Riot wherever he goes.  He advertises on wrestling websites.  He sells wrestling shoes so companies like Brute-Adidas like him.  It makes businesses want to stay involved in our sport.  He buys t-shirts and shorts from distributors who buy from textile manufacturers.  They too now depend on wrestling because of him.  In fact, if there were more Ken Chertow’s, wrestling would be stronger.  In fact if wrestling had more businesses that depended on the sport then more people would be invested in it’s future and spend more money advertising.  Is it wrong to accept money for wrestling related activities?  What about getting rich off of wrestling?

    We all should give to wrestling- by volunteering, by donating and by showing up at matches. I’m busy and you’re busy but we give to wrestling what we can.   There are few that give as much to wrestling as the businesses involved in wrestling.  Flo Wrestling, Brute-Adidas, Intermat, Ken Chertow, Riot Sports Marketing, J Robinson Camps, Pittsburgh Trophies, World Class Wrestling School, etc … these people make a business out of wrestling.  And they give to wrestling.  They spread the gospel of wrestling.  They sponsor events.  They advertise on the wrestling websites you visit.  They provide opportunity for athletes.  They thrive off of giving to wrestling.  Without the businesses that support wrestling there is no wrestling.  Without wrestling there are no businesses.  The stronger they are the stronger the sport is.  It is a symbiotic relationship.  So let’s grow together and not curse those who make a dollar off of it.

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